Support Local

Supporting local businesses is now more important than ever, as we have learnt through the immense changes to society experienced over the last few years. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of supporting local businesses and shopping locally, with small businesses forming the backbone of our community.

As we have all developed a new-found appreciation of the local businesses that service our communities, our company We Save You Money has decided to more greatly emphasis our focus towards supporting local businesses by changing our logo. Through a trial period of this in some of our catalogues, we have received extremely positive feedback of this initiative from both an advertiser and consumer point of view. We have now rolled this out to all of our catalogues.

As a consumer - Why should I support local business?

  • Local businesses are generally operated by people within the local community

  • Local businesses are often more sustainable than larger businesses due to their small carbon footprint

  • Supporting local businesses puts money back into the local economy

  • Better customer service is often received from small businesses rather than large corporations

  • Local businesses offer a point of difference to big corporations and make each community unique

As an advertiser - Why should I advertise my local business with We Save You Money/Support Local Vic?

The huge home delivery and availability of our catalogues in high traffic supermarkets takes your business to the local community, rather than the community having to find you

  • Advertising with us is affordable and cost effective

  • The regularity of our catalogues provides regular reminders about your business to consumers - creating great awareness and exposure

  • We are a local family business, who understands the many challenges of small business. We have many years of experience and take pride in the personal, professional service we provide in tailoring the right marketing to your individual needs